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The 87th Combat Engineer Company 199th Lt. Inf. Vietnam 1966-1968
Remember Going Under The Golden Gate Bridge?
Gunship helping the grunts
Large Company Photo
Miscellaneous Photos
The Gen. John Pope
A few of my buddies
Flying Crane
Box Car
Shortys photos
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This Is Shorty
Orders, is your name on them?


87th Engineer. Co. (Left to Right)

1st Row Knight, W., Malazhn, A., Westfall, C., Hall. R, Staggs E., Stokes, J., Vorhes, B., Tate, J. (Capt, Co Cmdr), Brown, N., Hickey, P., Masson, A., Walker, C, (1st sgt), Hein, L., Nomura, M., Smith, R., Vicent, H., Byrd, J.; 2d Row Newman, D., Milardo, C., Martinez, R., Bivens, D., Eaton, M., Brown, R., Harden, G., Giradi, A., Jackson, R., Fanning, P., Gibbs, J., Cussen, S., Ortiz, 0., Conner, R., Sandidge, R., Lorenzo, M., Christensen, R., Orthman, E.; 3d Row Leiding, A., Norling, D., Bomster, D., Whalen, R., Thomas, W., Elliott, E., Jordan, L., Calloway, L., Bernard, J., Tisdale .A., Martines, R., Harris, E., Bortner, G., Crawford, J., Schwinghamer, V., Klentzin, R., Ray, J., Joiner, J., Gonzalez, O. Isuzugawn, K.;

4th Row - Hart, H., Jefferson, W., Wagner, E., Harper, C., Walker, J., Hamberger, D., Marshall, W., Thompson, M., Wiggins, F., Hecke, C., Brannon, J., Drays, R., Douthit, V., McDonald, G., Russell, T., Hunter, S., Johnson, R., Miller, H., Jaconski, V.; 5th Row Whitmore, J., Braxton, W., Simmons, D., Fulton, B., Rich, D., Brogan, R., Kandefer, D., Clark, R., Herb, W., Bowman, B., Moyer, B., Seese, W., Lanthier, B., Nightin, C., Snyder, A., Burton, W., Green, C., Burnside, L., Williams, E., Davis, T.;  6th Row ZelI, R., Morrison, G., Williams, J., Steward, J., Simpson, A.. Malewiski, A., Schmelzer, B, Metcalf, E., Hopkins, H., Harrison, R., Jones, R., Noeth, A., Morgan, A., Riccolo, R., Pandolfo, N., Meyer, D., Shaffer, M., Creeknowe, R., Holley, M., Damstra, D., Dean, J


If any names are misspelled send me a note.


A rainy day


My name is John Walker. In 1965 I joined the Army as an engineer thinking that I would be away from the line. Well to my surprise I found out that the Army had what they call the combat engineers, and sure enough that is where I ended up, the 199th Inf. 87th Combat Engineers Co. 1966-1968.
As many, I trained at Ft. Benning,Ga. and Camp Shelby, Miss. flew to Oakland Ca. to board the Gen. John Pope and on to Vietnam you know the rest... Okinawa, Vung Tau,  Long Binh. My MOS was heavy equipment mechanic and then I changed to equipment operator. You may recall two D-7 bulldozers #56 & 57 or was it 57&58 or was it 56&57. Our job was to maintain the perimeter and build those dust bunkers. A few times we were air lifted by the Flying Crane to at least four FSBs to maintain them.
This site is not intended to glorify war it is just a place where we can see some of the past when we were young.


Me and my lady 34 years later

Please email any photos you want posted to

Me at 18 yrs, I just turned 18 (11/29/1966)
Note the tents..must have been early 67

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