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The 87th Combat Engineer Company 199th Lt. Inf. Vietnam 1966-1968
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Army Reporter information
for 199 LIB

For date 680309

199 LIB was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Bien Hoa Province, III Corps, South Vietnam
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "To Build 199th Forward Base Flying Crane Moves 'Dozer'" dated 9 Mar 1968. Members of the 87th Engr Co recently dismantled a 12-ton (D-6) bulldozer so that it could be airlifted by sections in to a new forward base camp for the 199th LIB. In little more than an hour, the bulldozer was reassembled and ready to begin digging gun positions and bunker emplacements at the camp site in Bien Hoa Province. The tractor, lifted in two sections, was flown into the new area suspended beneath a Flying Crane. The steel tracks and blade were the first parts to touch down. Engineers, flown from the dismantling site at Phouc Vinh, pre-positioned the tracks in readiness for the chassis. When the chassis arrived a short time later, the engineers began reassembling the tractor by driving master pins in the links where the tracks had been taken apart. When the diesel-driven bulldozer had been refitted with its heavy blade, it was ready to begin its mission. According to 1LT James H. Simms, directing the engineers working on the project, the D-6 is the heaviest airmobile bulldozer that the Army transports in this manner. The D-6 chassis weighs about 15,000 lbs. The tracks and blade section weighs approximately 9,000 lbs. Photo Caption - NEW HOME - When the 199th LIB establishes a forward patrol base, there is always much air traffic bringing in supplies and equipment. A D-6 Bulldozer is brought into the new base by a Flying Crane as a Chinook floats by with a trailer of supplies. Photo Caption - PART OF THE LOAD - Because the bulldozer is too heavy to be airlifted in one piece, the 9000 lbs. of tracks and blade section are transported separately. Photo Caption - COMING IN - A member of the 87th Engr Co gives directions as the 15,000 lb. bulldozer chassis is brought to the already lad-out tracks. Photo Caption - REASSEMBLY - In little more than an hour, engineers had the D-6 Bulldozer in operation. The dozer had been dismantled and transported to a new forward patrol base of the 199th LIB. Photo Caption - MUSCLE POWER - Members of the 87th Engr Co struggle to maneuver the bulldozer chassis onto its tracks. Photos by SP5 Jerrold Fisherman 199th Inf Bde IO.
I believe the dozer was a D-7 we at that time had 2 D-7 and 1-D5, but I do recall a Allis-Chalmers...John

The source for this information was 6803AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines


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