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The 87th Combat Engineer Company 199th Lt. Inf. Vietnam 1966-1968
Gunship helping the grunts


Remember Going Under The Golden Gate Bridge?
Gunship helping the grunts
Large Company Photo
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The Gen. John Pope
A few of my buddies
Flying Crane
Box Car
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Orders, is your name on them?

While at this FSB we took a few small arms rounds. Soon after the gunship was on the job doing what they do best. Just outside the perimeter I was clearing bush and found myself on top of a tunnel complex. The way I found out was that my dozer caved in the top. After clearing the area a tunnel rat went in and explored it. After getting out the complex was destroyed. We were at this FSB just as Tet 68 started. I remember what seems a 24 hour 105 barrage. My bunker was right under their firing line. About a day after we hastily left and went back to the BMB. On the way we took small arms fire but a two APC with their 50 cal and a LOH dropping grenades quieted them down. We got back ok. 
Does anyone recognize this FSB?       



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